Fun Friday · Love, Texas


Location, location, location!

Fun Friday is a day for … FUN!  We can both have fun by me posting and you guessing!  I’ll post a variety of pictures, quotes, facts, etc. about characters and places — both real and fictional — that are in the novels I write.  I will then have you guess something about what I posted, such as what is the name of this location or why do you think that character said those words?  I will give all you readers some time (only a day? maybe until the next Musing Monday post?) before I answer the question / reply to your comments.

Let the fun begin!

In my Christian contemporary romance novel Love, Texas — Population 2, my heroine Rebekah and hero Joel visit this place in the pictures on several different occasions.  It’s very scenic, with a large rocky area overlooking the water.  You have to walk up 100 steps to get to the top!


Can you guess this real location?  (Family and close friends can’t guess on this one — sorry, but that would take away the fun too early!)



During one of Joel and Rebekah’s visit to this location, this special moment happens!

Another streak of lightning brightened the sky, and thunder clapped louder than before.  The white flash lit up our little space under the rocky ridge, and in that instant, I saw a face that looked earnest and gentle, one I thought I could love for the rest of my life.

“I don’t want to get used or hurt, Joel.”  I bit my lower lip and looked down.

Joel cupped his hand under my chin and lifted my face so we could look directly into each other’s eyes.

“Listen to me,” he said.  “I will never hurt you, Rebekah.  I promise right here and now to never, ever, ever, hurt you.  And I always keep my promises.”


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