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Scripture Sunday: Shameful Ways

Scripture Sunday is … simply a post I’ll make every Sunday that involves something about Scripture!  Some examples would be a Sunday post could talk about: how reading the Bible helped me handle a particular situation in my life; or what is a favorite Bible verse on a particular subject and why I like it; or what section of Scripture relates to / or is mentioned in one of my novels.

Today’s Scripture Topic: Abandon shameful ways

I subscribe to get “Verse of the Day” texts and emails from, and a recent notification arrived about Psalm 119:11.  This was a verse I liked, and agreed with, but as I continued to read Psalm 119, the part of Scripture that spoke to me the most on that day was Psalm 119: 39-40 (NLT).

“Help me abandon my shameful ways; for your regulations are good.  I long to obey your commandments!  Renew my life with your goodness.”

As a person who has gone from “bad girl” to believer, I still struggle quite often to “abandon my shameful ways.”  Well, okay, maybe I wasn’t the kind of bad girl that you generally think of when that term is used, but I was bad in the sense that I wasn’t a believer, so therefore I followed more of “the world’s” standards of moral living instead of following God’s expectations.

I’ve heard from so many believers how they too struggle with this issue.  (Whew!  Glad I’m not the only one!)

Psalm 119:40 rings true with me for sure, as I truly do “long to obey” God’s commandments, and I most definitely desire God to “renew my life” with His goodness.

I think it’s important for believers to know that they are not alone when they “mess up” or “do that bad thing once again” even when they keep trying so hard to “behave” or to stop doing whatever “shameful” thing they have done.

In my Christian contemporary novel Love, Texas – Population 2, reporter Rebekah comes to an “Oh no!’ realization after experiencing her own “shameful way” moment.

My heart feels so heavy.  I’m lying on my orange couch with my hand against my chest because my shame physically hurts me.  It’s been five hours since I left the accident, and I’m still devastated.  Not only about the train wreck, but also about me.  I can’t get over Atrocious Me.

Why couldn’t I feel this change coming on?  How did I miss signs showing I’d become more aggressive on the job than usual?  More nonchalant when I viewed a dead or injured person?  How did I let myself neglect the good me, the caring me, the me who I never once thought would dissolve into the ground?

The first responder’s yells echo in my brain and I visualize his spit on my shoes.  I experience, again and again, the wave of disgrace that first washed over me when he turned on his heel and left me near the tracks.

My hope for all of you after reading today’s Scripture Sunday post is that you will remember that God loves us all, and forgives us all, if we repent and are truly sorry.  He knows we are not perfect; He knows we are only human, but yet we long to please Him and follow His commandments.  He knows we all desire to abandon our shameful ways.

Questions For Readers:

What is your favorite Bible verse related to this subject?  Do you like the NLT translation of this verse, or a different translation, and why?  Please answer in the “Leave a reply” box below.  (Note: Replies will not immediately post, so don’t won’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away.)

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