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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Musing Monday post to bring you this important message:

The full cover design for Love, Texas – Population 2 is complete.  Isn’t it BOOOO-T-FULL?

Full cover Love 5.1.17

The people responsible for such a gorgeous cover (and awesome interior formatting) are Kim Killion and Jenn Jakes at The Killion Group.

Jenn started work on the interior design first, and I especially loved what design she used to indicate scene breaks.  I filled out a simple questionnaire from Kim, and within nanoseconds it seemed, Kim emailed me back all the different portions she thought I would like on the front cover.  I loved all her ideas!

Front eBook cover Love 5.1.17

Not only am I pleased with the book cover and interior design, but I’m also impressed with Kim’s and Jenn’s superior customer service.  These ladies were way ahead of deadline, and they both emailed me every single day with updates.

Check out their website – there are TONS of wonderful covers for you to view, and check out their social media pages too.

On Facebook: @TheKillionGroup

On Twitter: @cvr_designer

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kim and Jenn!

The print book will be available for purchase next Monday, May 15th on Amazon.  So excited!  (Of course, then the back of the book cover will have the ISBN# on it and an actual bar code where the yellow box now is located.)

Also, next Monday, we will return to your regularly scheduled Musing Monday post!

7 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL!!!!!

  1. Hey!

    I can’t find the print version (I don’t have a Kindle). Do you have a direct link you can send me?

    All I



    1. Hey Allie! You can’t find the print version … because it’s not yet available for purchase! 😀 Final approval on the print proof should take place this weekend, then cross your fingers this Monday the 15th it will be available on and to buy. Don’t worry – I will let EVERYONE know when it’s ready to buy! 😀 You can also come to my book reading and signing here in Canyon Lake on Saturday June 10th at 1 p.m. at the Tye Preston Memorial Library (16311 South Access Road) and purchase a copy there — if you’re real nice I might even sign it for you. Ha ha!


  2. I love the cover!! So similar to you and Gary at that age. Can’t wait for book. I’ve already been looking on Amazon to see if I could pre order. Just a few more days.

    Jane Tinney

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