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Fun Friday is a day for … FUN!  I’ll post a variety of pictures, quotes, facts, etc., about characters and places – both real and fictional – that are in the novels I write.  I will then have you either guess something about what I posted, such as what is the name of this location or why do you think a character said this or that in a scene, or I may show pictures of “the real people” for some characters mentioned in my books, or … just whatever floats my boat that Friday!

Let the fun begin!

Can you say OH SO TASTY Moo Goo Gai Pan?  Or how about Kung Pao Triple Delight?  Chicken Chop Suey is one of my favs!


Pictured in today’s post is the well-known Bamboo Garden in Austin, Texas.  This restaurant is located at 625 W. Ben White Blvd., and it has been around since 1976.  The food here is SUPER tasty, and easy on the budget.

Five years ago, my husband and I made a “trip down memory lane” to Austin for our 14th wedding anniversary, and we visited all the places we used to hang out as teenagers.  When we told the owners of the restaurant that we used to eat there all the time, back in the late ’80s, they were very pleased we returned, and even brought us a free plate of fried bananas with lighted candles!


One of the fun things a lot of people like to do when they eat here (or at most Chinese restaurants) is look at the Chinese Zodiac Animals, and see which animal they are (based on the year you were born), and then see if the description matches you at all.  I was born in 1972, so my animal is a rat.  The website below describes some of the best careers for rats are a WRITER or … a stand-up comedian.  Ha!  Yes, I think I could do stand-up!

My Christian contemporary romance novel Love, Texas – Population 2 talks about heroine Rebekah and hero Joel going to this restaurant lots of times – that’s a lot of Shanghai Onion Pancakes that were enjoyed!

Several images of the good times roll through my head like flashbacks you’re supposed to have before you die: Joel and me on Mount Bonnell; driving around in his blue car; going on a “real date” at Bamboo Garden; and images of us laughing. (-Rebekah Stone)

What about you?  Have you ever been here?  What is your favorite dish to order here, or at any Chinese restaurant?  What Chinese Zodiac Animal are you?

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