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Fun Friday is a day for … FUN!  I’ll post a variety of pictures, quotes, facts, etc., about characters and places – both real and fictional – that are in the novels I write.  I will then have you either guess something about what I posted, such as what is the name of this location or why do you think a character said this or that in a scene, or I may show pictures of “the real people” for some characters mentioned in my books, or … just whatever floats my boat that Friday!

Let the fun begin!

Whenever I read a book or watch a movie that is inspired by / based on a true story, I always want to know what the “real people” looked like, and compare them to the way characters looked in my mind when I was reading the novel, or the way the actors looked who were cast in the film.

My Christian contemporary romance novel Love, Texas – Population 2 is inspired by the true story of … moi!  It’s inspired by my reunion with my high school sweetheart; my life as a small-town newspaper reporter and photographer; and my dynamic faith journey.

In the book, I’m portrayed by character Rebekah Stone.  One subject that comes up a lot in my novel is Rebekah’s strong bond with her family members, especially her older brother Steve.  Now, Steve also happens to get along fantastic with Rebekah’s first love Joel Foster, who is the hero of Love, Texas – Population 2.


My family goofing off in the late ’80s.  From left from: my sister-in-law at the time, Erica; me; my mom. From left 2nd row: my oldest brother Chris; my boyfriend at the time (now husband of 19 years Gary); my other older brother Brian; my parents.


Character Steve is based on my real brother, Chris Kasper.  I’ve been missing my big bro something fierce these last couple of months, as he passed away a little over a year ago from complications from chronic pancreatitis and diabetes.

Although I get quite sad thinking about him being gone, at the same time I have several moments of joy when I laugh to myself thinking how silly Chris was most of the time, and what fun I had hanging out with him.  Since this is FUN FRIDAY, I thought I’d post a picture of the real person behind character Steve Stone, and post a scene showing Steve’s teasing, goofy, loving side.

This scene is the night before the wedding of Steve and his fiancée Monique.  Everyone is in the Stone family’s kitchen helping to prepare food for the reception.  Rebekah was daydreaming about getting married to Joel, so she accidentally stuck her hand in a pan of hot grease and got burned—and cursed when she did.  This is what happened after that.

As soon as Callie left my side to return to the adjoining dining room to continue working on the decorations, my mom put her arms around my shoulders.

“Now, Becky,” she started slowly.  All three guys tried to hide their laughter because they knew what was coming.  “I understand you burned your hand and it hurt so much it prompted you to not watch your language.”

“My hand really hurts.”  I giggled as I tried to pull away from her, but she held tight.

She smiled and gave me the Evil Eye at the same time.  “I know it hurt, but I can tell you the next time you cuss like that, regardless of the circumstances, something other than your hand will hurt.”

“Oh damn,” my brother Steve said as he stirred the meatball sauce in the crowded kitchen.  “Mom sure told you!”

All the guys started snickering, and it was obvious my mom also wanted to laugh, but she decided instead to put her arms around Steve’s shoulders.

“Looks like you’re the one in trouble now,” Joel said as he scooted away from my mom and Steve at the stove.

“Rebekah isn’t the only one I don’t want to hear cuss around here young man,” my mom told her oldest child lovingly, but sternly.  “You may live in your own place tomorrow, but tonight, you’re still in my house and are subject to the hard slap of my hand.”

My brother yelped in a mock scream as he held his hands up in defense.  “I’ll behave.  I swear I’ll be damn good!”

My mom rolled her eyes, but chuckled—like I’m sure Steve assumed she would.  Steve and Joel then leaned forward and whispered to each other, and when my mom asked what was going on, they both mumbled, “Damn, damn, damn, damn.”

“Oh, you guys!”  My mom pretended to spank them.  “You two in the same room together is worse than having a hundred little 3-year-olds running around the house putting finger-paint on all the walls.”

“Hey, now that’s an idea,” Joel said, then grinned mischievously at Steve.  My brother nodded in agreement.

“No sir!  Back in the kitchen boys,” my mom ordered as Steve and Joel pretended to leave the room.

“I’m sorry I have such a dork for a boyfriend, Mom.”  I shook my head.  “Steve is your son though; he’s only my brother because I have no choice in the matter.”  My mom laughed at my remark, and before I could continue, my brother jumped in.

“Well, maybe we’re dorks,” he countered, “but at least neither of us was blonde enough to stick our hand into a pan of hot grease.”

“Oh, shut up!”

“You know what they say about people who have blonde hair, don’t you?” Steve asked.

“No man, what?”  Joel grinned.  He knew a joke would soon follow.

“The saying goes, ‘Blonde: It’s not just a hair color—it’s a lifestyle.'”  My brother cracked up at his own joke, and Joel followed suit.  Both guys gave each other a high-five.

“You two just wait,” I warned.  “I’m going to trip you,” I said pointing to Steve, “as you walk down the aisle tomorrow, and I’m going to trip you,” I said pointing to Joel, “any and every chance I get!”

“Oooh, I’m so scared.”  Steve made his whole body twitch.  “I’m shaking in my shoes.”

“Dork!”  I held my hands up in the air.


Once you read Love, Texas – Population 2, make sure and leave a reply and let me know if this photo of the “real” big brother Steve stayed in your mind as how he looked while you read the book, or if you pictured him differently.

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