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All electronic formats of Love, Texas — Population 2 are now on sale during the week of Black Friday.


The cost of one e-book was $3.99, but now it’s …

ONLY $0.99!

Less than a buck?  Doesn’t that make you feel like …

peter-lloyd-609343-unsplash books for free make me so happy

Available in multiple e-book formats, like Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo.  To snag you a SUPER CHEAP copy, click on the link below.  You will then be taken to a website where you can get to the online store from where you’d like to purchase your e-book by choosing that store’s icon.


1 Books2Read Store Iconsx

Remember, if you choose the Kindle format, you don’t need a Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire tablet to read a Kindle e-book.

All you need to do is download the free Kindle app.

You can then read a Kindle ebook on any of these devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, PC and Mac.

Also with the Kindle format, it’s so easy to purchase and send a gift copy – all you have to do is use Amazon’s option of Kindle book gifting delivery via email.

Simply search for my Kindle book on Amazon ; then scroll down and / or to the left (depending on your device), and click on the gray box that has in it, “Give as a Gift.”

1 of 3 Email as Kindle gift pix

Then, Amazon will bring up a page with the heading, “Complete your Kindle book gift purchase.”

Fill in the To, From, Message, and Delivery Date boxes, and BAM!  Your recipient will receive an email with a link to download the ebook.

Note: You can set the delivery date for up to a year later.  AND, if your recipient already read my book (that means he or she is awesome), or if the recipient doesn’t want my book (wha??), then he or she can exchange the gift e-book for an Amazon Gift Card of an equivalent value.

When my debut Christian contemporary romance novel is priced as low as this,

ONLY $0.99,

you could buy a book not only for yourself, but for you best friend, mom, neighbor, grandma, hubby, coworker — you name it!

So go crazy! After all, it IS the week of Black Friday!



Black Friday · Books · Love, Texas -- Population 2


Just a quick post to let everyone know all copies of my Christian contemporary romance novel Love, Texas — Population 2 are on sale now for Black Friday Week!  YIPEE!!

25% OFF! WAS $20, NOW ONLY $15!
For an Autographed Paperback Copy ($15 via PayPal or any major credit card.  It includes an autographed paperback book and free shipping and handling.)

30% OFF!  WAS $9.99, NOW ONLY $6.99!
Kindle Format (502KB, $6.99, ASIN: B0716HMNSZ)
20% OFF!  WAS $14.99, NOW ONLY $11.99!
From Amazon: Paperback Format    (302 pages, $11.99, ISBN: 978-1546433965)