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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, so I thought it would be a prime time to tell you about a fundraiser I’m doing for a charity that serves abused and neglected children.

The charity is called My Stuff Bags Foundation.  They provide duffle bags filled with new, necessity personal care items and comfort “stuff” like blankets and stuffed animals, to young ones who arrive at crisis centers with little or zero of their own personal belongings – nothing they could call “my stuff.”

My Stuff Bags duffle bag pix

These children often have to leave their homes quickly, so they usually don’t have time to grab even their own beloved toy or clothes.  My Stuff Bags Foundation serves kids who have been abused, neglected or abandoned, and are entering crisis centers, foster care, or battered women’s shelters.

In order to raise funds to support this charity, I am no longer selling autographed print book copies of my Christian contemporary romance novel Love, Texas – Population 2.  Instead, I’m offering these books as a way to raise money for My Stuff Bags Foundation.

DSC_7473 b

So, you can still get a signed copy of my novel if you make a minimum donation of $15 per book. ( Click this link to donate via PayPal or with any major credit. )  I will then autograph the book and address the novel to whomever you want before shipping it out.  The book should arrive to your home within one week, and they’ll be no charge to you for shipping and handling.  (United States mailing addresses only, please.)

All profits, yes 100% of the profits, will go toward supporting My Stuff Bags Foundation.

Please show your love for abused, neglected, homeless, and traumatized kids by donating to my fundraiser to support the fantastic charity of My Stuff Bags Foundation.

To find out more:

Watch this informative video by My Stuff

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Click this link to donate via PayPal or with any major credit.