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Philology inside Webster's highlighted2


Do I really need to explain why I love this word?

Philology is a word I came across about five years ago.  I opened up my Webster’s New World College Dictionary to a random page, and there was philology, just begging for my attention. I read the definition and smiled.  Flipping to that page: coincidence or destiny?

A post by Jenni Irving on the Ancient History Encyclopedia website gives detailed information about philology.

My heroine Rebekah Stone in Love, Texas – Population 2 definitely loves writing—and words in general.  She gives a shout out to WORD LOVE in one scene in the book.

“Writing is my life—literally.  When I’m not writing for the paper, I’m writing freelance submissions, or poems, or letters to family and friends.  Words are my food and water.  Okay, so that may sound a little corny and over-dramatic, but it’s true.”

Word Wednesday is sharing my love of words with you!  I like to build my vocabulary by doing things such as: subscribing to receive a daily text from the app; flipping randomly through my physical Webster’s dictionary; or playing Words With Friends on my cell phone.

Each Wednesday I’ll post a word that either I had to look up its definition when I first came across it, or I simply like the way the word sounds or its meaning!   Some related items I may post each Wednesday might be: a picture that represents Wednesday’s word; a scene or character from my book that illustrates the meaning of the word; or a quote from my novel that contains that word.

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