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All electronic formats of Love, Texas — Population 2 are now on sale during the week of Black Friday.


The cost of one e-book was $3.99, but now it’s …

ONLY $0.99!

Less than a buck?  Doesn’t that make you feel like …

peter-lloyd-609343-unsplash books for free make me so happy

Available in multiple e-book formats, like Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo.  To snag you a SUPER CHEAP copy, click on the link below.  You will then be taken to a website where you can get to the online store from where you’d like to purchase your e-book by choosing that store’s icon.


1 Books2Read Store Iconsx

Remember, if you choose the Kindle format, you don’t need a Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire tablet to read a Kindle e-book.

All you need to do is download the free Kindle app.

You can then read a Kindle ebook on any of these devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, PC and Mac.

Also with the Kindle format, it’s so easy to purchase and send a gift copy – all you have to do is use Amazon’s option of Kindle book gifting delivery via email.

Simply search for my Kindle book on Amazon ; then scroll down and / or to the left (depending on your device), and click on the gray box that has in it, “Give as a Gift.”

1 of 3 Email as Kindle gift pix

Then, Amazon will bring up a page with the heading, “Complete your Kindle book gift purchase.”

Fill in the To, From, Message, and Delivery Date boxes, and BAM!  Your recipient will receive an email with a link to download the ebook.

Note: You can set the delivery date for up to a year later.  AND, if your recipient already read my book (that means he or she is awesome), or if the recipient doesn’t want my book (wha??), then he or she can exchange the gift e-book for an Amazon Gift Card of an equivalent value.

When my debut Christian contemporary romance novel is priced as low as this,

ONLY $0.99,

you could buy a book not only for yourself, but for you best friend, mom, neighbor, grandma, hubby, coworker — you name it!

So go crazy! After all, it IS the week of Black Friday!



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The holiday of LOVE is less than two weeks away.  How are you going to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day” this year?

One way to express our love for those dear to us is by giving gifts.  There are the traditional ones, like chocolate, candy, flowers, jewelry, and stuffed animals.  Those items are nice to receive, but a lot of people would think it would be wonderful to get something that’s not an “ordinary” V-Day present.  What would that be?  A book!

What’s the best kind of book to give on Valentine’s Day?  One that shows LOVE in a variety of ways: between lovers, friends, family, and God and his children.  Do I have a book in mind that fits the bill?  You bet!

Front cover MelindaFreeland_LoveTexas-Population2_800pxpk  Full book cover back 1989 pix LOVE Pop d

My Christian contemporary romance novel Love, Texas — Population 2 is the perfect gift to give to not only your sweetheart, but to your friends, family, coworkers, church parishioners, neighbors, you name it!  Although most romance novels are geared mostly toward females, Love is meant to be enjoyed by both women and men, as there are plenty of “non-mushy” action scenes depicting the heroine performing her job as a newspaper reporter; these chapters will keep the guys flipping those pages to see what happens next.

To give the gift of LOVE (as in my novel Love) would be really sweet – so I’ve got a SWEET! deal for you.  In honor of one of the LOVEliest days of the year, I’m going to run a Kindle Countdown Deal for seven days, starting next Friday the 9th, and ending at midnight Wednesday the 14th, which of course is Valentine’s Day.

Next Friday and Saturday, the Kindle version of LOVE,  will be on sale via Amazon for … 0.99 cents!  That is not a typo!  Yes, 0.99 cents!  That is an 86% discount from the regular ebook price of $6.99.  WOWEE!  See how much I love all of YOU?

That Sunday through Monday at 11 p.m., you can still get my book at a discounted rate, with a sale price of $2.99, which is 58% off the full-price.  From late-night Monday until midnight Wednesday, you can purchase Love for $4.99, which is a discount of 28%.

You know two things that make this sweet deal even sweeter?

First, you can purchase Love on Amazon by clicking on the “Give as a Gift” box (bottom right of your device’s screen), and your loved one will receive his or her gift almost instantly, via an email link in their Inbox.  That means you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas to give the gift of LOVE.

Second, a Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire tablet is not necessary to read a Kindle ebook.  Simply download the free Kindle app, then the Kindle book can be read on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, PC or MAC.

So, mark your calendars for Friday, February 9th, as the day to get Love, Texas – Population 2 for only 0.99 cents.  Wouldn’t you just LOVE to get shown some LOVE for giving Love?

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Going out of your mind … waiting in line … for that perfect Christmas gift find?

Don’t sweat it!  I have a better way to get what you need, and you won’t regret it.

Want to be all cozy in your PJs, drinking hot cocoa, relaxing on your couch — AND be able to send a lovely Christmas present to arrive within minutes to your BFF, mom, grandma, or aunt?  Or how about an awesome gift for yourself?

You can!  How?  By using Amazon’s Kindle book gifting delivery via email option.

You can order my Christian contemporary romance novel Love, Texas — Population 2 for a loved one (or yourself) this way.  Simply go to Amazon, look up the Kindle edition of my book , then scroll down (on your phone or tablet) or down and to the right (on your computer), until you get to the “Give as a Gift” box.

Kindle gift 6

Click on the box, and the next screen that pops up will look something like this:

Kindle gift 1

Fill out the boxes, make your payment online, and voila!  Your work is done!  You’ll have one smiling recipient moments later.  If your recipient has already read my book (wahoo!) or she / he doesn’t want to read it (gasp!), then the recipient can exchange the Kindle ebook for an Amazon gift card.

“Melinda, that’s just great if my loved one owns a Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire tablet.  But, they don’t, so now what?”

No worries!  A person doesn’t have to own a Kindle to read Kindle-formatted ebooks.  The recipient just needs to download the free app, then she / he can read the Kindle ebook on an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, PC, or MAC.  SWEET!


Guess what?  You can even send the email to yourself right now, and later forward the email to another person to give to them at some other time.  So, if you want to go ahead and make a purchase now for a Christmas gift for Aunt Sara, and a birthday gift for later for your friend Delyla — go ahead!  You also can set the delivery date to up to a year after you purchase the novel.

Kindle gift 1 up to a year

Go on!  Gift away — in the comfort of you own house, and with a few simple clicks.